Annual Report (2021-22)

Activities for the session 2021-22

Cultural activities: The institute believes in the overall development of its students and to achieve this it provides ample opportunities to participate in creative activities while striving for their academic goals. It’s the matter of great pride that each year our talented and hard working students have been creating new land marks in the field of literary and cultural activities. Our students participated in various Inter College Competitions like Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Rangoli, Collage Making, Pot Decoration, Best out of Waste, Mehandi Competition, Folk Song, Geet /Bhajan/Gazal Competitions etc. The students participated in various events during the youth festival organized at D.G.C.Gurugram from 8th to 10th Dec 2022. They also participated in the Prestigious Inter College Event “Innovation 2021-22” held at Government College Sidhrawali on 25th and 26th April 2022.

Inter College Event-Innovation:  The prestigious Inter College competition “Innovation” 2021-22 was held on 25th and 26th Apr 2022. This event provides an opportunity to the students to sharpen their skills and talents. This event gives them a chance to participate in multifarious activities. Following Competition like Drill Competition, Firing Competition, Map Reading competition, Weapon Knowledge Competition, NCC Quiz Contest, Rangoli, Poster Making, Pot decoration etc were held during the function.

Sports Activities: The Institution has a very large playground where students can play games of their interests. The college has sufficient sports equipment along with Gymnasium facilities. The students of the college have been consistently performing well since the inception of the college in different sports events. Our teams participated in Inter College, National and State level competitions throughout the year. Annual Athlete meet was organized in the college on 2nd and 3rd Dec 2022 in which Mr.Ankit B.A II was adjudged the best athlete (boys) and Ms.Pinki B.AIII as best athlete (girls).

NSS Activities: There are two NSS Units one each for boys and girls functional in the institution. NSS Boys unit is headed by Sh. Yogesh Singh and Girls Units by Ms.Suman Rani Both NSS units successfully organized two One Day Camps during the session. NSS volunteers aimed at spreading the awareness among people for health and hygiene.  A seven day NSS camp was organized from 18th mar to 25th Mar 2022 in which students were given lectures on various topics. They were told about the importance of Yoga on regular basis to keep themselves fit. Lectures on topics like Cyber crime, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, How to improve Language Skills, Save water and Save Environment were organized during seven days camp to make them more aware about the current need of times.

Women Cell: The aims and objectives of the women cell are to safeguard the rights of female students, and women staff members. It also provides a platform for redressal of their complaints and grievances. The Cell also tries to incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college campus. Mrs Shivani is doing a commendable job by motivating the students and carrying out numerous activities to promote welfare of girl students. On 11th Oct 2021 an online quiz contest was organized in which the main aim was to celebrate the international children’s day. In which 46 students participated. On 23rd oct 2021 a Mehandi competition was organized by the women cell. On 29th Oct 2021 Diwali festival was celebrated in the college in to promote and tell the students about the importance of festival and culture. In this function events like poster making, diya decoration and pot decoration were held. A five day yoga workshop was also organized in the college from 6th Dec 2021 to 10th Dec 2021 in which the students were told about the benefits of Yoga in their lives. On 7th Jan 2022 an online extension lecture on the topic, “Women’s Health and Hygiene” was organized. An online workshop on beautician’s basic course was organized by the women cell from 4th Jan 2022 to 10th Jan 2022 which was attended by about 96 students. A 10 day online cooking basic course was also organized for the students from 11th Jan 2022 to 2nd Jan 2022.

Placement Cell:   Placement cell plays a foremost role in shaping up the career goals of students.  Keeping this key aspect into consideration, that awareness and training is important for  students to enhance their employability skills for  placement .Dr.P.K.Malik, In charge placement cell organized various lectures in this academic session. Online lectures were delivered by experts on topics role of Language as an effective Tool of Communication, Role of Geography in Career Building, Sanskrit mein Rozgar ki Sambhavnayen on 11th Jan 2022, on the topics career opportunities as a Montessori Teacher, How to Prepare For Group Discussion, How to Join Military/ paramilitary and police Forces, How to Start sports as a career, How to Start Your Own Business, Career As a Social Activist, How to prepare for Competitive exams were organized on 14th Jan 2022 for the welfare and awareness of students.

Activities under Red Cross: under the aegis of Red Cross society various functions were organized in this session. An online intra college drawing competition was organized on the topic of HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 on 28th Aug 2021. An Intra college quiz competition was organized on 14th Sep 2021. Many activities were organized by the Red Cross to promote awareness among students in which a short film was shown on 11th Dec 2021, A nail art competition was organized on 12th Jan 2022, pot and face painting competition was held on 14th Jan 2022, mask making competition was held on 17th Jan 2022, on 18th Jan 2022 promotion of national toll free helpline no 1097 was done and on 20th Jan 2022 students were informed and educated about NACO AIDS awareness Act for HIV/AIDS.

NCC Activities: (i) Organised and convened inter-college NCC Quiz during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022. (ii) Organised and convened inter-college NCC Firing competition. during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022 .(iii) Organised and convened inter-college NCC cadets Drill competition during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022 .(iv) Organised and convened inter-class declamation during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022. .(v)Encourage NCC cadets to participate in Republic Day Parade.(vi) Encourage NCC cadets to participate in Independence Day Parade.

Activities conducted by various Subject Societies:-

English literary society: Tagore literary Society organized to showcase a movie based on the Novel Kanthapura for the students of B.A.3rd as a part of smart class room utilization on 1st and 2nd of Dec 2021. An essay writing competition was organized by the society for the students on 28th Jan 2022. An inter-college Poetic Recitation Competition and calligraphy competition were organized by the society during the Inter College Event “Innovation” held on 25th and 26th Apr 2022.

Hindi Literary Society: Prem Chand Society organized a Hindi poetry and Bhashan Pratiyogita on 26th Apr 2022.

Economics Society: Smith Society organized an Intra College quiz contest on 10th Feb 2022. An Inter college quiz competition was organized by the department on 26th Apr 2022 in the inter college function Innovation.

Mathematics Society: Ramanujan Mathematical society organized an online essay writing competition on the topic “India’s Contribution in the field of Mathematics” on 15th Jan 2022. An intra college Multi Disciplinary Quiz was organized on 10th Feb 2022. Inter college poster making competition was organized on 25th Apr 2022.

Commerce Society: A Group discussion on the topic “Impact of Covid-19 on Education” was held on 27th Dec 2021. A debate competition was held on 8th Jan 2022 on the topic “Post Covid -19 Effects.” A quiz competition was held 12th Feb 2022 by the commerce department.

Political science society: An Essay writing competition was held on 12th Jan 2022 and 10 students of B.A and participated in this activity. An Inter class Quiz competition was held on 10th February 2022 in which five teams participated.

History Subject Society organized an essay writing competition on 22nd Jan 2022. A Quiz competition was organized in collaboration with Political Sc, Economics and Maths Departments on 10th Feb 2022.

Sanskrit society: Sanskritagya Samiti Organized an Inter college poster making competition on 26th Apr 2022.

Geography Activity: (i) Organized and convened quiz contest in Geography during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022.(ii) Organized and convened competition for Map entries in Geography during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022..(iii) Organized and convened competition for Map Making in Geography during inter college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022..(iv) Organized and convened Map Identification in Geography during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022 .(v) Organized and convened Geographical Features identification in Geography during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022 (vi) Organized and convened interclass discussion on the topic Geography and Environmental issues during inter-college Event Innovation being held on 25-26 April 2022. (vii) Encourage students towards field studies and review of literature